Back to Reality

by Steve on February 5, 2006

For those who need reminding, here it is straight from Webster:

1. a preparatory design, drawing, or painting.
2. a drawing intended as satire, caricature, or humor (a political cartoon).

Can a satirical sketch be just cause for torching buildings and threats of murder? Not to a rational person. Which leads me to ask two questions: (1) If the cartoons were so offensive why has it taken several months for the Muslim community to bring the issue to the forefront of world politics? and (2) Could it be that the originals were not insulting enough so the Danish Islamic Clerics had to draw a few of their own truly offensive renderings and make a grand publicity tour through Arab lands to manufacture the kind of response desired?

On a lighter note the Steelers won and Detroit is still standing. I count that as two wins for the good guys!

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