Open Borders?

by Steve on May 2, 2006

The left is rallying behind the “Open Borders” movement and wants to bail out of Iraq straight into Darfur.

Let’s recap shall we? Porous borders, forged or expired documents, and complacency were directly responsible for the first attack on civilian targets, on our shores, in history. Have they forgotten the sight of the burning towers, the Pentagon in flames, and civilian airliners being turned into missiles? I haven’t. I never will. We are at war with an enemy that seeks to destroy our way of life, whose camouflage is to penetrate our society and live amongst us with total impunity. Open our borders? Sounds like a great idea (note sarcasm). Amnesty for those already here is not the answer. It sends the wrong message to others considering jumping the fence and it’s an insult to those who came here legally. On a positive note, it was encouraging to hear naturalized citizens (aka immigrants) calling in to radio shows Monday and expressing their support for legal immigration reform. Even they “get it”, why can’t Congress? Problems with enforcement should not be rationale for killing the laws that are difficult to enforce. Under such pretense we should legalize drugs, let anyone consume alcohol who feels so inclined, and remove all speed limit signs. Think of the money we would save if we didn’t have to enforce all those laws.

Now, establishing a stable Iraq in the midst of the hot-bed collectively known as the Middle East is quite simply a waste of time so lets move on (note sarcasm again). The Darfur province of Sudan has become the pet project of Hollywood et al what with images of starving children and all. Nevermind that we’ve been pressuring the UN to move on this for over a year. Bush is clearly the enemy here (note… hopefully you’re picking up on it by now). My intent here is not to trivialize the human suffering taking place in Darfur. It is without a doubt a moral tragedy of epic proportion and the civilized nations of the world need to put a stop to the bloodshed. It amounts to genocide even though the UN refuses to label it as such. But to pitch into Darfur with no real plan or backing would be another Somalia in the making. Seems the left has forgotten that one too.

The liberals with their loathing of all things military always seem more than eager to send troops in [insert PC location here] as peace-keepers. Don’t shoot anyone, just establish peace. Rules of engagement: there shall be no engagement. This region of Africa has been locked in conflict for decades and a commitment on the ground would easily last years. The UN needs to drive this one and should have acted long ago. We will no doubt be heavily involved in any UN action but this is not something we ought to take on solo.

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