Political Mudslinging

by Steve on June 3, 2006

As the primaries draw closer here in Alabama we’re being inundated with negative political ads. So much so that it would seem that the choice comes down to selecting the lesser of two evils not one based on voting for a candidate who shares your beliefs on important issues. There is something fundamentally wrong with basing an entire campaign strategy on attacking your opponent. I would like the opportunity to elect my public servants based on my perception of their ability to get the job done in a manner consistent with my expectations. If I’m going to pay someone to represent me I want to know who they are and what they stand for not what kind of dirt their hacks managed to dig up on their opponent. That said, please don’t feed me some over-played obtuse PC generic statement such as: “Stands for conservative family values.” That gives me nothing.

If you want my vote then tell me, who are you? What’s your stand on:

Tort reform
Gun control
The global war on terror
Immigration reform/enforcement
Our involvement in Iraq
A nuclear Iran
The economy

The list of possible topics is endless. Pick any or all and give me something substantial. If I agree with most of your positions, you’ll get my vote. It’s that simple. Or at least it should be.

Give me the material I need to make an informed decision and may the best candidate win. These days it would seem that we’re expected to accept the inverse: may the worst candidate lose.

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