The Badgers Have Lost It

by Steve on July 12, 2006

University of Wisconsin Provost Patrick Farrell has cleared Kevin Barrett to teach a class titled “Islam: Religion and Culture.”  At face value that would be fine but Rick Moran over at AT points out that:

…Mr. Barrett will apparently not stop with teaching the usual anti-western bromides and Arabian sob stories about colonialism and its deleterious effects on Islamic culture.  Instead, this self described “Islamologist and Arabist” will take a week of class time to teach aspects of physics, metallurgy, thermal dynamics, engineering, and aviation.

Say what?  Rick nailed it: the freedom to be an idiot.  I’m guessing that students need the background in the above sciences to grasp the following:

…Mr. Barrett plans on teaching “alternative” theories of how the twin towers fell on 9/11. And in the name of academic freedom, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has given him the green light to do so – as long as he teaches “other viewpoints” (presumably what really happened) along with his theory that 9/11 was “an inside job” involving the American government.

Rick’s write-up is well worth the read and he points his readers to the best technical analysis of the WTC collapse that I’ve seen.  (PDF format – you’ll need Acrobat Reader.)  I’ve repeated the link here for your convenience.  If there was any reason to doubt what caused the buildings to collapse, this report should reduce Barrett’s theory to the sensationalist trash that it truly is.  I pity the parents that find out they paid tuition for Barrett’s swill after the fact.

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