Appropriate Response to Terrorist Acts

by Steve on July 17, 2006

Cox & Forkum stick it to the “disproportionate school”.


Lebanon cannot/will not control Hezbollah.  Let the Israelis cut out the cancer so that Lebanon can return to normal.  As we have already seen there will be significant collateral damage.  Unfortunately that is unavoidable when you have a terrorist organization operating from within a civilian population.  Even with “smart” weapons it would be impossible to surgically remove Hezbollah from urban Beirut.  In a matter of days the IDF has surrounded and isolated the threat.  Iran-backed Hezbollah is effectively cut off from support by land, sea, or air.  Take them out.  Now, not later when it will be infinitely more difficult and bloody. 

There comes a time when violence must be met with violence in order to restore peace and delay only makes the process more costly.  Diplomacy is wasted on terrorists, it simply gives them time to grow stronger.  The ugly reality of the world we live in is that there will always be a struggle between good and evil.

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Jetman July 19, 2006 at 2:08

I know this is wishful thinking… But is there a list of creative ways Israel could take out Iran directly instead of by proxy?

Horrible but true thought – divide and conquer the jihadists – they now have to choose between attacking US soldiers or attacking their most hated foe in the region: Israel.

Divide and conquer, anyone…?

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