Dog Blogging II

by Steve on July 18, 2006

Enough with the bombs, rockets, and politicians – let’s have some fun with Moose today.


Barbarians at the gates?  Guard the door?  Okay, Boss!



General Orders of a sentry?  What?  I’m not asleep, it’s a disguise.  You’re gonna blow my cover!



It’s got to be here somewhere!  Man, I wish digging back home was this easy – think of the tunnels!



Grits?  No thanks, I’ve got plenty of grit.  I’ll take a beer though.



Boy, wait til I get home to that white couch!



Ahhh.. Home James!  Wake me for dinner would ya?


Papa Ray July 18, 2006 at 20:32

Moose is a beautiful Dog, glad your good buds.

I’ve had a few wonderful dogs over my life time. Too old now to have another, just memories of great friends.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Angela July 20, 2006 at 9:07

Holy crap – Moose has gotten so BIG! Precious Pics.
Love ya,
Your Traveling Daughter.

Judy Reed July 20, 2006 at 11:07

Well, it is apparent that Moose had
a great time on his vacation. I hope
Steve had a good time as well. Good
to have you both back. Can’t wait for
the next boy trip, just to see what
happens. Welcome home Boy’s!!

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