Pinch is Pinch-hitting

by Steve on July 18, 2006

That was too easy!  But seriously folks, Charlie over at OPFOR is on the move, headed for active duty.  Until he gets settled John and Maj P are holding the bag so John asked Pinch to contribute to the effort (you can also catch him here).  I’m honored to be the subject of one of his posts (he has to catch me on an off day when I decide to add a post to “Dog Blogging” and then power down).  Now Pinch has the massive archives of the US Navy at his disposal and, being the fighter puke that he is, picks THAT shot of an S-3 Viking to post.  Let me see if I can do better.


Hey Pinch, need some gas?





Soon to be departing the fleet….

**UPDATE: I forgot to mention that despite its lack of representation in Hollywood, the Viking is the only Navy aircraft to have had the honor of bearing the call sign “Navy One.”



Jetman July 19, 2006 at 2:06

I flew a few times with Skip Lussier, the Navy One pilot. Great guy, and I loved my time in the Viking…

(as a SENSO)

See you on OPFOR’s site!

SJBill July 19, 2006 at 21:18


Are you a former Checkmate? I go back to Essex days with that VS and CVSG-54 and Stoofs. I was #4 seater JEZ and ship’s company AX in ASCAC.

Also, Jetman, hope you never forget the lost crew of Blue Wolf 704.

Finally, Skip is a true gentleman and friend.

Stand by, mark, on top!

Steve Ambrose July 19, 2006 at 21:28

Jetman, I couldn\’t have done it without my SENSO\’s.  Tactics didn\’t mean a thing without the ability to \”see\” a submarine\’s signature hidden within all the other noise in the water. 

SJBill, I was a Gambler (VS-28) and then on to VS-27 as an instructor. Both squadrons were gone by the time I got out in \’94.

Mad Mikey July 20, 2006 at 12:43

While I was a ‘rotor-head’ in the Navy (HS-8 at NAS North Island), I did have the honor of working/maintaining the S-3A Weapon System Trainers at North Island back in the early 90s.

Great plane – great sim.

Jetman July 21, 2006 at 1:34

Thanks guys!!

I loved being a SENSO. When they told me I could fly in a combat honest to God, bombs and rockets JET, at the ripe old age of 17 years old three years after Top Gun released… Well hell, who wouldn’t have signed up?!?

I swear that passive acoustics was practically psychic listening. Somehow I got lucky enough to be a Red Griffin, with some of the best award-winning SENSOs out there. Got out in 1995. I probably know you guys quite a bit – Mikey, one of my best buds is going back to 8balling in a few months, was a SENSO prior. Bet we know ya, both of us were in the schoolhouse at 41 for B training in the early 90s.

Steve, we probably know some of the same people. My old skipper / XO was a Mauler from the east coast.

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