The Jihadist

by Steve on July 19, 2006


Hmm… Any questions?

The above illustration was pulled from the IDF Israel site but feel free to apply it to any armed conflict in the Arab world.  It is the quintessential expression of the war in Iraq just to name one.  It is also the reason that innocent civilians die and honorable soldiers sometimes hesitate, losing their own lives due to moral convictions.  The Jihadist knows the western world is unwilling to accept innocent deaths and exploits that knowledge in the most cowardly fashion.  Remember this the next time the NYT defiles our troops with a civilian body count.  Keep it in the back of your mind as you watch the world media condemn Israel for Lebanese casualties.  The tactic of fighting from within the civilian population, dressed as civilians, is just one justification for exterminating these vermin.

H/T: Heidi at Euphoric Reality


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tblubrd July 20, 2006 at 16:43

Great. No questions.
Can’t find the link now but there was a post from a Lebanese site that noted Hizbollah was actually blocking roads OUT of Lebanon for those seeking to escape. They want their human shileds to stay trapped.

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