Winnebago Meets Mad Max

by Steve on July 23, 2006

That’s the subtitle Australian nature photographer Rob Gray uses to describe his WORT (Weird Off-Road Truck) named, appropriately: “Wothahellizat”. Think phonetically with an Aussie accent, you’ll get it. What better way to explore the outback than in an old 6×6 army truck converted into a RV on steroids. Range: 1300 miles.



Nice! And it’s for sale so if you’re thinking of traveling the outback for a year or two, drop Rob a note. Building it was a bugger so he’s not real anxious to sell.

In short, I cannot face the idea of building another truck in the foreseeable future, it is SUCH a big job, and frankly, I’d rather be taking photos. So, technically speaking, the truck is still on the market, but at a price that will allow me to farm out most of the work and also alleviate the pain of the entire process.

How much, you ask? $350,000 in Aussie money or about $250,000 US. Visit for more info or just to view his work.

Hey, it’s Sunday – taking a break from the heavy stuff. Plus I’m a fellow photographer and I just got back from a shakedown cruise in my Jeep up on the ridge, turned on the computer and up pops the “Wothahellizat” on AutoBlog. Sometimes things just happen that way.

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