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by Steve on July 26, 2006

A while back I responded to a post titled “Last Days of the Supercarrier” calling it uneducated nonsense. The whole premise being why risk a capital ship against the “new” threat of diesel submarines. Bunk. Anyhow, it seems that former CIA Director Admiral Stansfield Turner has picked up the argument in a recent article published in Proceedings. Lex argues the pro-carrier side far more eloquently than I and sums up with:

There may indeed come a time when carrier air power is no longer required, but such an event must necessarily be preconditioned by all of us beating our swords into ploughshares and our spears into pruning hooks. The only other alternative perhaps would be when we have at last withdrawn from the rest of the world entirely.

No time soon, in other words.

Read his entire post here.

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