Return of the Macho Man

by Steve on July 27, 2006

This morning the Today Show sported a piece under the above title and coined the term “Retrosexual.” I knew it was coming ever since the return of the bell-bottom jeans. So I waited, patiently biding my time, pretending not to hear such questions as “Hey, why don’t you go to the spa?” or statements like “You need a manicure.” Oh no you don’t, not me. I work with my hands for goodness sake. Keep an old Jeep running using tools, impact wrenches, grease, oil, and dirt. Create with a shop full of woodworking equipment. I’m happy at the end of the day if I can still count to ten manually and it may take a few days for the last evidence of such work to completely wear off. Manicure? Right! Pedicure? Get serious! Shave every day? Not unless necessary. Call it self defense – up in the North Woods you need every barrier you can throw at the bugs. Down south I stay rather clean cut, again out of necessity, to combat the heat. Twenty years ago it was the macho man, this go-round they’re calling it retrosexual. I can live with that. I never was real sure what metrosexual meant anyway. Sounded like a rather confused fellow.

Seems I’m back in style. Won’t my wife be proud.

Who did Today label as the ultimate man?


Oh yeah. The man’s man. Want to send your woman a Bond epostcard just as a friendly reminder? Go visit Sir Sean’s site.

Disclaimer: I have been known to visit the bone cracker or even submit to a massage under duress for purely medicinal purposes.

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