Reality Check

by Steve on August 4, 2006

Iranian-backed Hezbollah attacked, crossing the border to kill and capture Israeli soldiers, and then retreated into urban hideouts to lob unguided rockets against the civilian population of Israel.

Israel responds in self-defense by launching aimed artillery barrages and air strikes AFTER dropping leaflets in the populated areas targeted warning civilians that bombs would be raining down on Hez guerrillas. Some of Hez’s human shields get killed in the process and largely because of this, Israel gets painted as the bad guy.

The Iranian madman has made no secret about his goal of wiping Israel off the map and world consensus is rapidly building behind a cease-fire no matter how unstable it may be. For those of you unsure of what the term “proxy war” means lets strip the politically correct language off this conflict and call it what it truly is: Iran is attacking Israel and getting smacked in the process. The madman has called for an immediate cease-fire ostensibly so that he can re-group, re-think, and re-arm his Hez fighters. Remember when Bin Laden offered a cease-fire in Afghanistan? It’s all part of the strategy of Jihad: you attack from a position of strength and, lacking that advantage, you negotiate through lies and deception until you have regained the advantage and are able to press the offensive.

This is a very critical operation in the big picture – the overall Global War on Terror. If Hezbollah (Iran) wins by not losing, God help us in the next phase. Israel is fighting against barbarians fueled by a morally corrupt ideology who think nothing of hiding and fighting from within their own people and launching a world-wide PR campaign with the gruesome results, staged if necessary. Lex had an excellent post a few days back that reminds us of the global mission which cannot be diminished by errors, real or manufactured.

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