Looking Back

by Steve on August 7, 2006

Went to my 25th high school reunion this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Honest, it was a fun time and the lack of nametags made for some interesting moments (great idea or oversight if someone wants to take credit for it)!

I don’t get back to the old hometown very often since my parents moved away and I’m geographically distant enough that there has to be a significant event to pull me back. I didn’t make it to the 10th as I was deployed to the Med but did manage the 15th and 20th. This one was different in many ways. The activities were held in the community where we all grew up (past events had been “off-site”) and they were of a casual nature. It wasn’t about the show, it was simply an opportunity to get together and have fun. The old social structure had broken down; maybe as 40-somethings we finally reached the point where none of that mattered. Our various levels of success having been established years ago, we were just glad to still be kicking. It was fun to tell old stories and re-live old memories (do they count as memories if you don’t actually remember them yourself and yet there are several witnesses all with corroborating stories?).

For the most part we didn’t truly appreciate what we had in our community, class, and school. We were too busy being teenagers, rattling the cage and testing our limits. Looking back at it from the other side of 40, we had it pretty damn good.

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