Presumed Innocent

by Steve on October 4, 2006

Seems Boss has issues with my use of the jacuzzi garden pond. Why would he assume that I was the guilty party? There are three dogs in the yard and yet I get fussed at because somebody has been lounging in the pond again. Hey, it could have been the old guy or the creepy one that grins in the dark. And the evidence? Purely circumstantial I say.

Boss: How do you explain the wet paw prints and drip trail leading to your present position?

Moose: Framed I tell you, framed!

Boss: And the green slime draped across your snout? Where do you suppose that came from? One of your cell-mates flip it on you while you were napping?

Moose: (slurp) What slime? (errrrrp) I’m calling Cochran, this is a violation of my rights. I know my rights!

Boss: He’s dead. Kennel…. NOW!

Moose: Alright already, I’m going. You sure get all bunched up over nothing. He ought to see what goes on back here when nobody’s looking!

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