BCS Playoff Game?

by Steve on October 7, 2006

I’m thinking Tommy should have been concentrating on the more immediate task of beating Arkansas (unranked by the way) instead of politics that could have led to a repeat of an undefeated Auburn being left out of the national championship game.


Priorities, coach, priorities. Eagles and Tigers and… Hogs – oh my!

With a swarming defense and unstoppable tailbacks, the Razorbacks knocked off No. 2 Auburn in a stunningly one-sided 27-10 victory Saturday that will rearrange the top of the rankings.

Auburn (5-1, 3-1) becomes the first top-10 team to lose to an unranked opponent this season, a huge blow to its national title hopes. The Tigers leave with questions about a defense abused for 279 rushing yards and an offense that totaled 213 yards.

Ouch! ESPN has the rest.

To Pinch, Phillip, Ange (sorry, sweetheart, really I am) and the rest of the faithful – you really didn’t think I would pass on this after all the hype did you?

Alabama finally showed up to beat Duke 30-14. Duke? Yawn…. I’m following the Buckeyes this season. Hey, it’s legit, I grew up in Ohio. 😉

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Pinch October 14, 2006 at 8:04

Yeah yeah yeah…..(no comment – really – we deserved THAT one)

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