Observations from the Road

by Steve on October 19, 2006

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on the interstate lately. Ever notice how most women change lanes? They have the same three mirrors at their disposal as their male counterparts and yet they rarely use them opting instead for what I call the Linda Blair lane change. No glance in the mirrors, just spin the head completely around to verify what might be behind or beside them. Never mind what sequence of events might have been initiated directly in front of them at speeds approaching 80 mph as they diverted their attention to the rear. What’s behind you will rarely kill you as quickly as what’s transpiring directly in front of you. My wife has the Linda Blair move down pat. I’ve given up trying to explain that if you can see the car directly behind you in all three mirrors then you’re doing it all wrong. The rear-view mirror is, well, self explanatory. The side mirrors are not intended to be repeaters of the rear. Yet when I reclaim my truck after one of her rare swaps I can clearly see both sides of the vehicle, not the blind spots that GM intended the extra mirrors to cover. I always have to adjust them outward again to cover the gap between the rear view and my peripheral vision. With all three set correctly I have mirror coverage right up to the point where an overtaking vehicle’s front bumper starts to sneak into the retreating limits of my vision. A minor head turn is all that’s needed to confirm that I’m clear. I’m sure my chiropractor would rather I use the full body twist accompanied by the female rear visual confirmation in order to keep her busy but that’s bad form. 😉

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Deborah Aylward April 28, 2007 at 19:39

What`s to understand. It`s how we ladies keep the abs in shape.

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