Adversary Training – The Real Deal

by Steve on November 15, 2006

What the… A MiG-21 with rather unusual markings.

For you military aviation buffs, Lex has an interesting post regarding a recently declassified program involving ACM against MiG’s.

…you never quite get over that shot of adrenaline you get hitting the merge with an actual MiG-21 for the first time…

I’m thinking the pucker factor was rather high, seeing a shape flash past that in any other scenario would have meant death or victory. You can train and simulate to your little heart’s content but when that jet, ship, tank, or submarine (choose your platform) is the real deal the old blood pressure spikes.

H/T to SJS for this find:

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Nose November 15, 2006 at 20:03

I left you a note in the comments of the superhummer pic on Lex’s site.

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