In Search of Ducks

by Steve on December 15, 2006

Two days of company training in Memphis. Four hours northwest of Birmingham puts you smack in the middle of what is known as the Mississippi Flyway. Millions of migratory fowl make their way south each winter along the flyway pushing farther south to stay in front of the ice. My plan was to merge my travel with theirs. Once the training session wrapped up on Friday afternoon I would head south to an unidentified location along the border between Arkansas and Louisiana and meet up with friends that have a duck camp in the area. A week prior to departure the plan seemed perfect, a logical extension of business travel into duck hunting mecca. It was cold, freezing cold as a matter of fact. The blinds were iced in solid. It re-froze as fast as the guys could break it up. Ducks were pushing south fast under grey skies in front of a bitter north wind.

That was last week. Now I’m in Memphis, the Yukon loaded with duck gear, sitting in a hotel room with the air conditioner going strong. It was over seventy degrees this afternoon. Scouting reports have it that the birds which fled south are all hanging out down near the beach and the ones that were behind them stopped far to the north as soon as the front pushed through.

“We haven’t seen any ducks in over a week. If you come, bring mosquito repellent.”

I think I’ll be heading home tomorrow. Better save the points to burn when conditions are more favorable.

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Mark Eichenlaub December 17, 2006 at 19:49

Mr. Ambrose,
Thanks for your service to this country and for blogging. It’s nice to be able to hear from people with a military background about the days events and perspectives on warfare.

Look forward to your novel and I invite you to stop by my site sometime,, and peruse some of the stories from the alternative viewpoint regarding Saddam Hussein and terrorism.


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