Character Assassination

by Steve on January 4, 2007

The state of Alabama and the university bearing the same name seem to have lost the capability for rational behavior. At least the search for a new coach is over and just maybe the topic that has consumed the state for weeks will die a timely death. Two things make me wonder how anyone can be excited about Nick Saban accepting the position of head coach at the University of Alabama. First, Saban himself flatly denied in no uncertain terms that he was even considering the move. Second, it took a 32 million/8 year guaranteed contract to get him to change his mind. That makes him the highest paid coach in college history. It’s an absolutely insane sum of money. It’s not about love of the game or molding young minds, it’s about money and winning. Period. What kind of message is Mal Moore sending to his students?


Nick Saban said Alabama will be his last coaching stop.

Two weeks ago Nick Saban was saying:

“I’m not going to be the Alabama coach.”

The well-traveled Saban said his next stop would not be another school but retirement to Lake Burton in north Georgia, where he has a home.

I guess so. With 32 million in his pocket, it won’t matter if he lasts out the term of his contract or gets canned early. In all fairness, he might turn out to be exactly what Alabama wanted/needed but he’s sure off to a questionable start. I just hope he turns out to have more character than he’s displayed lately.

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