How to Measure Snowfall in the South

by Steve on February 16, 2007

Got this from a friend today. It could explain why many southerners don’t have much sympathy for what’s happening in the Northeast these days.


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swampwitch February 19, 2007 at 12:04

I am visiting here from John’s Position and just had to comment. Having lived in SE Oklahoma for many years, I “totally” relate to this way of measuring snow. There were many days during my school teaching career I prayed for a snow day.
Back then, I never understood why I would see people on the news spending time and energy shoveling the white stuff off their driveways. If they would just wait 24 hours, it would melt and just be a memory. Having lived in Colorado for the last 12 years, I now understand the “Snow Shoveling” concept.

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