The Third Front

by Steve on February 24, 2007

Iraq, Afghanistan, and Washington. Our own elected legislators, the same ones that voted overwhelmingly in support of taking the fight to the terrorists, are attacking the morale and effectiveness of our troops. The House has already voted “against the war” but the Democrats only managed to pull 17 Republicans with them in their grand political statement, not nearly the victory they had hoped for. Granted there are a number of Republicans that disagree with the President but thankfully they are smart enough not to aide our enemies by feeding the propaganda machine and voting against our efforts. (From the Washington Post.)

“In an open democracy, we voice our agreements and disagreements in public, and we should not be reticent to do so. But official roll-call votes carry a unique message,” said Sen. Richard G. Lugar (Ind.), the Foreign Relations Committee’s ranking Republican. A vote for the resolution “will confirm to our friends and allies that we are divided and in disarray,” he said.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved the non-binding resolution and it will be voted on by the full Senate next week. This resolution declares that the pending move to send additional troops to Iraq is “against the national interest.” And yet they all support the troops. Apparently it’s the mission they can no longer stomach. The only benefit of this treasonous political double-talk is that it will diminish the likelihood of another attack on our soil. The terrorists are watching our nation come unraveled and another attack would only serve to pull us back together. No, they will wait until the virus has done their work for them and then they will pounce if they still have the strength and resources to do so.

If you’re wavering, still thinking that maybe the Democrats are on to something, then go read CSM James Pipin.

When I remember the scenes we all saw on September 11th, 2001, I am reminded that I am still one pissed off American and Texan. This war is just, and I stand steadfast behind it and our President. And I will remain in the Army fighting this war until our President tells me to stop, or I get too old to continue. We need our nation’s support and prayers, not criticism, second guessing, and Monday morning quarterbacking.

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