Whose Line is it?

by Steve on April 9, 2007

Some in the West seem part of Iran’s propaganda war; claiming that the release of the hostages was a victory that proves the Iranian dictatorship can be reasoned with. To misrepresent unpunished piracy as a victory is as Orwellian as the congressional mandate banning use of the term “the global war on terror.” What are we — Reuters?

How very refreshingly unpolitically correct. Now, which potential presidential candidate authored the above? Make your best guess and then go read the rest.

For me, the jury’s still out but there’s plenty of time yet to go before we come down to it. Plenty of time to learn more about the man but his style reminds me of another that played the media like a finely tuned instrument. A presidential President… out of Hollywood? Worked out just fine the first go-round.

H/T to Lex and Michelle

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