What Could Have Been

by Steve on April 18, 2007

I’ve purposefully stayed away from the Virginia Tech shooting for several reasons but what’s rising up out of the aftermath is almost as disturbing as the event itself. Out of the noise certain voices are breaking out:

You should have known.

He needed help.

This could have been avoided.

He should have been placed in counseling.

Don’t call him “Asian.”

Demanding resignations…

This proves we need tighter gun control.

These liberal voices are the same ones that would be singing Cho Seung-Hui’s virtues had society succeeded in locking him up pre-meltdown. Had his teacher convinced someone in law enforcement to lock him up for his and our own good, everyone within reach would be choking on litigation ranging from racial profiling to numerous civil liberty violations. No doubt Sharpton would have an office in Blacksburg.

Most of this ridiculous noise is the result of misguided individuals who lack the moral fiber to recognize that such a tragedy is not an appropriate platform from which to champion one’s pet issue. We haven’t even buried our dead yet and there are deranged souls trying to pin the blame on our President as if Iraq has anything to do with this tragedy.

The Asian community is upset because the media keeps referring to Cho as “Asian.” How are we supposed to refer to his ethnicity?

The smoke hadn’t even cleared before the gun control lobby started chanting “I told you so.” Va Tech does not allow guns on campus, permit or no permit, it’s against the rules. That worked.

Could this tragedy have been avoided? Sure it could have but you can’t blame the school or law enforcement, they were working within strict guidelines that we as a society imposed upon them. Any fault to be found lies closer to home. Even a deranged madman like Cho had an inner circle of family and maybe a friend or two. They had to sense that he was coming unhinged – the kind of anger that he displayed in his tape is not easily controlled.

Take the time to get to know the people you interact with on a daily basis. If you truly care about their well-being you’ll ensure your own.

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Deborah Aylward May 2, 2007 at 7:53

I reside in Toronto, Ont., Canada which has gun control laws, firearm registration laws and gun amnesty laws. These laws have done absolutely nothing to slow down the sharp rise in gun-related crimes in the past ten years. As well, Tor. has 67 violent gangs of whom the Police are aware; which doesn’t include the ones off the radar. I mourn the senseless loss of life and pray for the victim’s families, but it appears that the warnings signs were there for some time.

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