The Water Dog

by Steve on May 2, 2007

I’m laying out in the grass dreaming about chasing rabbits, half asleep when I hear this strange hissing sound coming out of the grass a few feet from my head. Opened one eye just to see what was up when all of a sudden this black tube pops up. Hmmm, haven’t seen him in a while. And he’s drooling, spitting… now he’s wommitin, bad too. Really heaving. Holy cow – it’s a gusher!! Shot me right in the head he did. I did what I had to do – I charged. And he spun the other way! Whoa, now I’m getting hit from behind! There’s another one! And another! Guys, we’re being attacked! Prepare to repel the invaders!

Ed: While Moose runs from one sprinkler head to the next, biting at the streams until a full frontal shot sends him bounding to another, the old man of the yard raises his head in wonder. You can almost hear his thoughts: “Crazy teenagers, the stupid sprinklers come on every three days if it doesn’t rain and yet every time it happens he does this.” The yellow head lays back down with a sigh, “At least it’ll keep him busy for a while. Hey boss, how ’bout bumping up the time on these back zones? Give an old man a break for a while longer.”

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Deborah Aylward May 2, 2007 at 22:28

America is truly great!!! Just think…a retired Navy Aviator, and married, and lives in the country, and has a fighter pilot masquerading as Moose. What a country!!!

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