Getting Away from it All

by Steve on May 13, 2007

Unfortunately means that you eventually must return and this past weekend we did just that. Those of you who were dropping in around this same time last year might remember this place (more here). Well, having taken quite a liking to the place and people, we returned yet again this year. Here’s the secret to the Bahamas: smaller is better and tiny is paradise. When traveling to the Bahamas, if the last mode of transport you hire has wings or wheels (or rings a bell to announce dinner) then you still haven’t found the real Bahamas. To do that you must travel by small boat because the places really worth the effort are not large enough for a runway and don’t have deep enough water for cruise ships.

We must have been living right on the way down because we caught an earlier flight out of Ft. Lauderdale AND our bags made it. ALWAYS pack a carry-on that can get you through a day or two because the last flight of your journey will be on a smaller twin turbo-prop and if it’s full they’ll start pulling bags to meet weight and balance criteria. On the plus side you get both a window AND an aisle seat!

Tomorrow is Monday and it’s going to take a real effort to shave, wear long pants, socks, and shoes then drive on the right from the left seat – all without medicinal rum. Must remember to pick up the Blackberry and not the handheld marine VHF radio (island telephone). Oh and 07:30 means exactly that, not somewhere between 07:00 and 09:00 like it did last week.

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Deborah Aylward May 14, 2007 at 16:16

How wonderful that your wife and you were able to get away. A-a-a-h, the Bahamas.

I’m truly impressed the luggage not only made a journey on its’ own, but also arrived at the same time. You both must have some influence with the evil Luggage Wizard, no doubt.

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