The Worst Administration in History

by Steve on May 21, 2007

And that verdict was issued by none other than President Carter who spent his term utterly paralyzed in the foreign policy arena. Yes, he talked peace but when events called for a strong response he failed miserably. The argument could be made that Jimmy was responsible for opening Pandora’s box or, to turn another phrase, he let certain undesirable elements peek behind the curtain and what they witnessed empowered them.

Former President Jimmy Carter said Monday his remarks were “careless or misinterpreted” when he said the Bush administration has been the “worst in history” for its impact around the world.

I’m not really sure how you “misinterpret” that statement. It seems pretty straightforward. More here.


Steeljaw Scribe May 21, 2007 at 20:08

Saw the “I never intended that” remark on the news tonight and it served to underscore again why I held, and continue to hold that administration and President in the lowest esteem possible. Carter bears considerable responsibility for unleashing the whirlwind of devils we now face in that corner of the globe, and if that isn’t enough, there was this little matter of almost cutting the nuclear underpinnings out from underneath NATO. The man redefines mendaciousness…

Skippy-san May 22, 2007 at 0:53

Anything Carter says is colored for me by the knowledge that : A) I had to close on a house at 15.5% and B) more importantly he gave away the Panama Canal.

He gave away something that was ours. It colors my whole view of him.

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