Save the Whales…

by Steve on May 22, 2007

…sue the Navy. Nuts. We’re surrounded by them.

The suit, filed May 16 by EarthJustice on behalf of five non-government organizations, asks the court to prohibit naval sonar exercises near Hawaii, saying that sonar can have a negative impact on marine mammals.

The title of the article caught my eye as I was quickly scanning/filtering through the trash: “Navy Disappointed With Lawsuit Against Anti-Submarine Warfare Training.” Brain to optical – did I read that correctly? Scan back. That’s what I thought it said.

In my past life I was an ASW Tactical Coordinator, TACCO in Navy-speak, a Mission Commander even. Trained to locate, prosecute, and attack submarines from the air – a three dimensional chess game while blindfolded. I’m familiar with sonar and the associated tactics having used it a time or two and I don’t ever remember my sensor operator hearing sea mammals complain. At this point the old gray matter is grinding, dusting off all the old training, trying hard to come up with anything that could have attracted the enviro-sharks lawyers.

After reading through the piece I concluded that PAC FLEET has fallen victim to low unemployment: unable to find a job, the nuts have found a cause complete with funding. After all, why work for a living when you can harass the government on the public ticket?

Time to break out the tinfoil hats.

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