Staying Cool

by Steve on June 15, 2007

…can be downright expensive! How people existed in the South prior to air conditioning is beyond my comprehension. Between the heat and the humidity it’s oppressive. I call it 95/95 – that’s 95 degrees and 95% humidity. How did people sleep?

Within the last 30 days I’ve had to replace the AC systems in my Yukon and my house – that’s dangerously close to $10k just to be able to breathe and function. Here’s the real puzzler: the hardware required to heat and cool the house ran me $4.40 per square foot, is possibly a tax deduction, and has a 10 year warranty. The Yukon, which has 130,000 miles on the books, cost me $107 per square foot and that’s cooling only with a 1 year warranty.

There is no justice

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Deborah Aylward June 15, 2007 at 23:02

You have my sympathies that these systems had to be replaced in the peak season of overcharging. I do hope that the repairmen were a little less truculent than the last with whom you had to deal.

However, it’s nice to be able to breathe in comfort in the HHH days. Living in a city on the north shore of that big puddle of humid air known as Lake Ontario, I well understand A/C being a necessity.

Veritas et Fidelis Semper

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