What Have I Done?

by Steve on June 17, 2007


Taken a few steps back. Large ones. You may remember some posts under the travel category involving my 1986 Jeep CJ-7. Anyone who is a present or past member of the Jeep fraternity will tell you that an old Jeep is a constant work-in-progress. Over the last eight years there have been many modifications, repairs, rebuilds, swaps, etc. Like the tides, it is a continual flow of parts in and out of the garage. I even painted it several years ago. Shot it in the driveway using my compressor and a new paint gun (every project is a valid excuse to add to the arsenal of tools). It wasn’t a real pretty job, more of a corrosion control effort than a real paint job.

I’ve never been a hard-core off-road junkie. I have no desire to go climb something just to prove I can. I’m more of a back-country adventure Jeeper. I like to get way off the beaten path and see parts of the country that most people never see. There’s usually an alternate goal that involves my camera, fly rod, or hiking (with camera and/or rod).

In celebration of the old girl’s retirement from the rock garden I’ve decided it’s time for a real paint job. If you’ve never stripped all the parts off an old vehicle in preparation for paint and body work I assure you it’s not an easy task. In this case all the gauges, switches, and lights have been removed from the dash so that it can be repaired and painted. The previous owner badly wanted a modern stereo where the old two-poster was and so he applied a sawzall to the task. It took an hour of careful grinding and hammering to finesse the opening flat and square to perfect DIN dimensions but it’s done. Check that one off the list. Much more to come. Stay tuned if you like this sort of thing.

This is what she looked like just last week:

Yep… a few steps back indeed.

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Deborah Aylward June 18, 2007 at 7:35

I am impressed with your undertaking such a project, yes, but also with your level of proficiency with automobiles.

Good luck on the job ahead and I look forward to the progress reports. Thank you. I hope that the summer will see the return of Moose and his brothers to your site, but I suppose that they’re busy enjoying the nice weather and wondering when their Jeep will be ready.

Veritas et Fidelis Semper

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