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by Steve on July 19, 2007

I’ll let you be the judge. I recently submitted a question to the DaimlerChrysler Customer Assistance web site pertaining to my 2005 Jeep Rubicon.

Original Message Follows:

US Customer Service – Jeep Brand Site
Brief Description: Clarification of limited edition 2005 Rubicon Unlimited Sahara Edition
Comments:I own a 2005 Rubicon Unlimited Sahara Edition that is apparently not one of the numbered limited edition Sahara Rubicons. All the other Sahara Rubicons I’ve seen have a limited edition emblem on the dash with a production number out of the run of 1000 that were made. Were there Sahara Rubicons produced in 2005 that were not limited editions?

After all, if you’re going to sell something it’s nice to know what you have so you can accurately assign a value to it. I thought it was a fairly simple question which, when you cut to the chase, required only a yes or no answer. Amplifying information would have been helpful but not required. I figured the request would get routed to marketing or maybe some top secret vault where the genealogy of the Jeep family was stored and an answer might be a while in coming.

Two days. For this:

Dear Steve:

Thank you for contacting the Chrysler Group Customer Assistance Center.

We are proud of our accomplishments and the excitement our products are generating. We are successful because we concentrate our resources in areas of new product development, engineering and safety.

The information you are seeking is unavailable from Chrysler Group Customer Assistance Center. General information on the subject matter may be available through your local library.

We appreciate your interest.

Thank you again for your email.



Senior Staff Representative
Chrysler Group Customer Assistance Center

Thank goodness I got a Senior Staff Rep – I’d hate to see the BS a Junior Rep would toss my way.


Joe Di Fabbio December 26, 2007 at 8:31

I’m in the same boat – an ’05 Rubicon Sahara Unlimited which looks identical to yours (I also have the hardtop) but without the numbered emblem. If you learn anything of consequence, please let me know. I’ll, of course, do the same.
Joe D.

Jared March 6, 2008 at 13:04

I have contacted D/C regarding my Willys Edition TJ. I got pretty much the same response you did.

Rori August 25, 2008 at 14:19

did you possibly buy it used, that the original owner kept the LE badge as a souveneir?

We have #107 of 1000 and have a manual transmission, which we thought was the only way it came, but have since seen some that are automatic transmission, and wondering if these are factory, or after-the-fact changes?

Steve August 25, 2008 at 20:21

I did buy it used but I doubt the woman that owned it cared about the LE badge. Apparently she bought it because she liked the colors. She certainly didn’t need the Rubicon model with all the off-road goodies – there wasn’t a scratch on the underside of that Jeep (when I bought it). Could be that the dealer slapped some Sahara stickers on it but they couldn’t find any records that helped answer any questions. Sadly, or not depending on my mood, the buyer for my CJ backed out and I ended up selling the Rubicon. Too many toys, or so I was told!

Rori September 3, 2008 at 17:17

the one in the picture looks like a legit LE Sahara one, it’s more than just the stickers on the side 🙂 the colored fender flares and the accent colored rims are a couple of the identifying features of that specific model…

bummer you sold it, though, we still love ours! and now, I’ve started doing a “trainspotting” sort of thing, trying to find all the other 999 of this model through the various sale ads LOL…I’ll probably never find all of them, but it’s something fun to do now and again, when we can’t be out on the trails!

Steve September 6, 2008 at 8:05

It had the flares, painted Moab rims, interior colors – everything except for the badge on the dash. I hated to sell it but the buyer backed out on my CJ and one of my friends wanted to buy the Rubicon so…

He has it out in Colorado this week riding the passes.

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