Look Ma, No Rope!

by Steve on July 29, 2007

Saturday my brother-in-law picked up a new (new to him) boat along with a rather suspicious new toy: a board for wake-surfing. 

“Where are the bindings,” says me.  He just shook his head.  Most of the family has been riding wake boards for years: fifty feet behind the boat, feet locked in bindings which are bolted to the board.  Big air was the goal but today we found a new type of freedom.  Drop the rope, dude.  (Hint: not our video – the longest ride I made without the rope would not have required you to take off your shoes in order to count any higher.)

It takes a heavy boat (in-board only for obvious reasons!) capable of digging a big hole thereby throwing up a big wake, not the kind you want to drag past your neighbor’s dock. Ballast tanks and a wedge are ideal but a load of friends will do.

Now I understand why my old roomate back in Pensacola would dream of storm fronts pushing up the Gulf of Mexico.

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Deborah Aylward July 30, 2007 at 10:26

This looks like sooooo much fun!!! There’s plenty of summer left, however, for you to make it to the “expert” level…or at least to stay on for longer than you have toes!

Perhaps in the no too distant future Mrs. Wood Shed might post her thoughts on how someone in the family appears to have found new joy in taking up all manner of sports in which they have no previous experience…just a thought.

Veritas et Fidelis Semper

P.S. How is Moose enjoying the summer?

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