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by Steve on September 25, 2007

Matt over at Blackfive posted this last week but just in case you missed it I felt compelled to pass it on – it’s well worth your time.

Major General John Kelly USMC referring to our men and women in the armed forces:

Many of today’s pundits and media commentators want to make them and their families out to be victims but they are wrong, and this only detracts from the decision these patriots made to step forward and protect the country that has given so much to all of us. We who are serving, and have served, will have none of that. Those with less of a sense of service to the nation never understand it when strong men and women stand tall and firm against our enemies, just as they can’t begin to understand the price paid so they and their families can sleep safe and free at night-the protected never do. What they are missing, what they will also never understand, is the sense of commitment, joy, and honor, of serving our country in its uniform, but every American veteran, and their loved ones who supported them and feared for them everyday, do.

Go read the rest.

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