On the Line 3.3

by Steve on November 18, 2007

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The body lying in the hospital bed was barely alive. The cells were mutating into something that couldn’t support life for much longer. Radiation poisoning was killing the man from the inside out in a very slow painful process. All the doctors could do was dope him up to keep the pain bearable. They could not stop the process; medical science could not reverse the damage. Organs were ceasing to function. It would not be long now before the body simply gave up, it was dying.

He knew he had to undue what he had done but how? As he drifted in and out of lucid thought he had horrible dreams, maybe they were hallucinations, of his children suffering the same fate. Where were the bombs headed? It didn’t matter, he had to try and stop them. He had a cousin who knew the right people. Pain shot through his body and he screamed from his soul. A nurse appeared with another shot of morphine but he waved her away asking her to call his brother, he had to keep his mind clear a little longer. His brother could pass the message to their cousin. From there it would make it into the intelligence grapevine and hopefully reach the right ears. It was all he could do; he prayed that it would be enough. A short while later, as his brother left in tears, the morphine mercifully released the man from the hell within him.


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