Pack Neatly

by Steve on November 20, 2007

That’s the TSA’s most recent solution for speeding up security checkpoints.


Remember when commercial air travel used to be exciting, relaxing, even enjoyable? If you’re younger than 30 don’t hurt yourself, you can’t reach that far back. There actually was a period after the airlines banned smoking and before they wedged the extra few rows of seats on board when travelling by airline was fun. But then when you’re five years old a trip down the driveway in a red wagon is a thrill.

Get ready travel warriors:

Airports also are going beyond trying to speed up lines and are preparing for stranded passengers, says Eileen Denne of the Airports Council International. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport recently bought four new buses to retrieve travelers from any planes stuck on the tarmac, Denne says.

Having recently survived a weekend thrill at the hands of the TSA all I can say is “welcome to the circus.”

Me? Not on your life. No airports or malls for me this holiday. I’m seeking deep shelter in woods, armed just in case the Big One steps out.

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