Sales Training, Sir!

by Steve on November 30, 2007

In the world of equipment sales, 100% commissioned sales I might add, the week of Thanksgiving is a write-off. Most of the planet, or at least the guy you need to get in front of, takes a few extra days to squeeze as much vacation out of the holiday while burning the absolute minimum of accounted-for days. One of the manufacturers that I and my fellow co-workers push iron for decided that this week, the week after a holiday, would be a perfect week for three days of new product training. We did gain a few nuggets out of that three day session but the most entertaining was this parody on “A Few Good Men” (actually the best clip was a Rodney Carrington routine that involved lots of audience participation, none of it G-rated):

Alone out in the field relying on a support staff comprised entirely of individuals taking home a monthly salary or hourly wage, commissioned sales can be a lonely, frustrating struggle. As for the entertainment, I can neither confirm nor deny… Two TACAN rule and all…

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