What About Fred?

by Steve on January 9, 2008

I had lunch with a good friend today. He commented on my McCain post and followed up with “What about Fred?”

Indeed, we’ve talked about Fred a while back, before things heated up. I haven’t been paying much attention to him since then as he seems to be lagging but I fired up the box tonight and started surfing. Fred has principles and he lists them for all to see and judge. Here are the bullets:

Individual liberty
Personal responsibility
Free markets
Limited Government
Protecting our country
Traditional American values
The rule of law
Conserving our nation’s resources

Want a more in-depth look at what he believes? Fred has White Papers. Not just fluffy sound bites but White Papers – for those unfamiliar with government service, Merriam Webster defines the term as “a detailed or authoritative report.” Fred Thompson talks about issues and solutions in real terms, says things that he knows are not necessarily popular but he feels need to be discussed openly and truthfully. He very well could be just what this nation needs but because of the way our primary system works, combined with skewed polls and media influence, he may never reach the nomination. I’m afraid many people discount him as a serious contender because of his ties to Hollywood but his record of government service as a prosecutor and Senator justifies his place in the race. The last guy with actor on his resume turned out to be one of the greatest statesmen of our generation, a very presidential President. One we haven’t seen the likes of since.

Contrast Fred’s principles, service record, and qualifications to the Great Hope, Agent of Change – the Obaminator. Obama bypassed the career that could have made him a qualified contender much like a college athlete drafted early for the pros that fizzles and never lives up to the hype. He has no record of consequence because he rarely showed up for work.

Let’s look at one issue as an example of smoke versus substance: Immigration Reform – specifically, securing our border.


Obama wants to preserve the integrity of our borders. He supports additional personnel, infrastructure and technology on the border and at our ports of entry.

Straight off his campaign web site – that’s it, nothing more.

An 8-point plan including specific measures designed to secure the border and bolster enforcement of existing laws. That’s just part of the White Paper on Immigration. As a side note, Obama’s web site is available in Espanol – Thompson: “Make English the official language of the United States to promote assimilation and legal immigrants’ success, and require English proficiency in order for any foreign person to be granted lawful permanent resident status.” There you go!

And what about “Her”? She was part of the team that let Bin Laden escape the cross-hairs of the laser designator prior to 9/11. Dear Bill was too busy golfing to carry out his duties as CIC and the window of opportunity closed. I don’t trust Her any more than I did Him. The media has made quite a fuss over her recent display of choking up saying it showed her human side. (She has one?) Weakness as the potential leader of the free world is more accurate. Presidential? Not so very much. Maggie Thatcher would never have done so.

It comes down to strength of character and a solid stance on issues that really matter. Calling for change is a cop-out designed to turn out the frustrated and undecided who want so desperately to believe in hope. Hope that Obama can actually effect change… for the better? Or is it Hope that he’s up to the task in spite of his shortcomings?

Fred Thompson has character and integrity maybe even more-so than John McCain. But I just don’t know if he can carry the race across the finish line. McCain presents problems as well. He’s crossed lines enough that the GOP isn’t really sure what to make of him at times but they may have to set differences aside and line up behind him regardless. The Republican party will have a difficult decision to make and I’m afraid that the deciding factor will ultimately hinge on the opponent and who stands the best chance of winning the match-up. But such is the game that has evolved out of partisan politics.


The book, you ask? The poor laptop has been in the hands of the Geek Squad since Friday and it appears they are quite perplexed. We may just have to resort to the back-up files yet. Patience, precious. Patience. It will come.

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