On the Line 5.2

by Steve on April 18, 2008

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Herut left the ship with several of the crew who were headed to the nearest bar. Once they were good and drunk he slipped out into the street. Finding the container with the tracking device would be simple enough and then the waiting would begin. He wandered the streets of Toulon making several turns to ensure that he was not being followed. Convinced he was alone, he stopped at a pay phone and placed one short call.

“It’s in Toulon but has been taken off the ship.” He hung up the phone and resumed his random path but headed back toward the docks. The streets were dark and cold with only the occasional car passing by. None paid him any attention so he pressed on following the signal from the tracking device. He stopped in a small market that was still open and purchased enough food to keep him going for a few days but not enough to make him stand out. The proprietor obviously catered to the late-night crowd and Herut needed to blend in as just another hungry drunk.

He made it back to the docks and hid in the shadows between stacks of containers while he studied the small receiver. It told him that he still had a few hundred yards to go. He located the trailer and his heart sank when he saw the open container doors. Herut could tell it was empty from his vantage point in the shadows. Where were the weapons? Had they already been loaded on another ship? Put in a truck? He’d lost them! A twinge of fear passed through his body. What if the weapons weren’t destined for America? What if they were already on their way to Paris or Rome or Madrid? Just then he caught the glow of a cigarette followed by smoke rising out of the darkness into the light cast by one of the floodlights mounted on the building. He watched and waited. After a few minutes the person in the shadows moved around a bit – just enough for Herut to catch the shape and reflection of an automatic weapon. An armed guard meant that the weapons were probably still here. He settled in to watch for a while. At 4:00 am the guard was relieved by another man, also heavily armed.

Convinced that the weapons were inside the warehouse, Herut slipped away in the darkness to scout the buildings across the street. He had to find a place where he could watch the warehouse without being spotted and it would be getting light soon.


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