Road Trip

by Steve on April 28, 2008

The continued quest for a Junior Hunter title on the Moose took us over to Flora, MS for the weekend.  All things considered it was partially successful and amusing as hell.  He passed both the land and water series on Saturday under less than optimal conditions: driving rain and wind.  The hunt test was stopped several times to allow lightning to pass through the area.

The weather didn’t bother him nearly as much as it did me.  He doesn’t mind being soaked to the core.  He was so fired up when I sent him after the first bird that he let out a deep “woof” as he charged from the line flinging mud over my head.

Sunday the weather was much better but he never saw the second bird on the land series.  He heard the thud when it hit the ground but never had a chance to mark the fall.  I was watching the action on the field but kept his head in my view so I knew he hadn’t seen it but was hopeful that he would “get the chicken to hand” anyway when his head snapped back left drawn by the thud.  When I released him he split the difference between the first fall that he had already picked up and where the sound of the second had come from.  He went tearing down the field and I had hopes that his nose might pull him left but the slope and the attraction of a spot he knew to be productive drew him back to the old fall.  Twice just to be sure.  After about five minutes at full speed, nose in the grass, he picked his head up and came charging back to the line.  Twenty feet short of giving up he slammed on the brakes, did a 180, and pushed up the hill to continue searching.  He finally located and retrieved the bird but his return trips to the area of the first retrieve DQ’d him.

It was his first stay in a hotel room and within minutes of entering he drank from the toilet and then squared off against his reflection in the full length mirror.  Snoring, bad gas, chasing rabbits in his sleep, and roaming the room at 4:00 am – not the best roommate.  Saturday evening he was so tired he actually fell asleep standing up next to the bed with his head on my arm.


John April 30, 2008 at 10:11

I read the last paragraph regarding your roommates bad habits and for a moment thought your buddy Phillip had been invited.

It all fit except for the 4 am roaming around the room!

Steve April 30, 2008 at 22:17

I don’t recall Phillip ever drinking out of the toilet but the other noises were kind of familiar.

Scott September 22, 2008 at 19:12

When do we get more moose?

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