The Next Illogical Step

by Steve on April 30, 2008

The gun control lobby, by their own admission, hasn’t been able to actually control guns to the degree they hoped.  Unable to restrict the purchase and ownership of firearms, the advocates for an unarmed populace have turned their efforts to the ammunition.  There is a movement afoot in Alabama, Mississippi, and several other states, to enact laws that require each bullet to be engraved with a serial number.  Don’t bother stockpiling supplies of your favorite calibers because should these bills actually pass, you’ll be required to surrender all unnumbered ammo.

When I first read the email concerning this measure I didn’t think it was possible that the Alabama State Legislature could seriously be considering such a bold measure but then again this is the same bunch that has engaged in fist-fights, tantrums, and generally wasted time with senseless filibusters for most of their regular session.  This is real.

Legislation (SB 541) that would mandate, as early as 2009, bullet serialization — the process by which each individual round of ammunition is identified and marked with a laser-engraved serial number — has been referred to the Alabama State Senate Judiciary Committee.

More here.

Anyone with a basic understanding of firearms knows that once a bullet is fired through a rifled barrel and impacts anything of substance it bears little resemblance to its original form. The likelihood that a laser engraved serial number could be recovered from a fired bullet is minuscule. This bill is a blatant waste of time and money authored and supported by people that I’m ashamed to admit this state elected. Stupidity.

If you’re local, please contact the individual who sponsored this insanity and let him know what you think about his efforts:

Thanks to Walt for the tip. Scary stuff right here at home!

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