On the Line 5.3

by Steve on May 11, 2008

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They were so close. They had the weapons, the nuclear engineer, and the boats. In a few days the entire package would be loaded again and headed for America. Alberto could now visualize his dream: the collapse of the United States. The coordinated attack would accomplish what September 11th had not. An attack on such a massive and catastrophic scale that America would rip itself apart from the inside. Chaos, confusion, and hysteria would cause the government to collapse and the economy to crumble. Paralysis of the brain and heart would poison the giant and bring it to its knees. Armed citizens would attack Arab and Muslim neighborhoods and mosques which in turn would awaken the Jihadists buried deep in the flesh of the giant. These Jihadists were not imported terrorists that had penetrated America’s borders. They were of the next generation. Most had been born in the United States and educated at the top universities. All made possible by the enormous generosity of the Saudi Wahabis. Americans were so stupid, so blind when it came to money, power, and oil. Their downfall had been planted in plain sight and nurtured all along by the same Arabs that created the energy shortages of the 1970’s and OPEC. How could they not see it coming? First the Arabs choked off the flow of oil just to prove they had control and then they became America’s strategic ally in the Middle East. All the top academic institutions rushed to develop programs on Middle Eastern Studies because the politicians and bureaucrats of tomorrow must be educated on the ways of the Middle East. The Saudis, anxious to solidify their status with the US Government, funded most of these programs and even sent professors to staff them. Jihadists teaching the infidels and controlling the information about global jihad to manipulate the system from within. It was an ingenious plan but it was such an obvious Trojan Horse that it never should have succeeded. And it would not have but for one thing: cheap oil. A reliable, cheap source of oil was the drug that blinded the addict. Now many of these students had graduated and were employed within the government. They were not terrorists in the classic sense but they had been indoctrinated in such a way throughout the educational process that the sight of Infidels attacking Muslims in the streets of America would awaken most of them to the cause and they would rise up. Islam would rule the world as the prophet Mohammed had predicted.

Alberto stepped out into the early dawn for a smoke. He looked up at the fading stars and wondered about paradise. Would it be worth it? He shook the thought from his head as he scanned the area looking for anything out of the ordinary, something that was not as it should be. He found nothing. The port was starting to come to life. He flicked his cigarette out on the concrete, took another look around and went back inside the warehouse.

A truck arrived and after a minute or two one of the roll-up doors opened. Herut had a good angle from his observation post in the vacant building across the way. Through the open door he saw an ambulance. It didn’t make sense but it was there. He went ahead and shot a few images with the digital camera he had positioned on the tripod in his window perch. The images went out in a burst of encrypted energy from his laptop to Mossad Headquarters via a satellite uplink.


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ManlyDad May 11, 2008 at 12:58

This is getting really good.

As the plot develops, I’m getting worried–sounds real and plausible. With the Israelis appearing, I’m seeing some hope!

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