The Form is Finished

by Steve on September 21, 2008



Lots of bending, twisting, drilling and screwing to get all the bands to lay flat but it’s done.


The stems have been bent on the jig after being steamed for 90 minutes.  One hour yielded only a 50% success rate so for the replacement I increased the time in the steam.  Once they have accepted their new shape I’ll attach them to the ends of the form followed by the inner rails and it’ll be time to start steaming and bending the ribs over the metal bands.  The real fun begins.

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Papa Ray September 25, 2008 at 21:05

Outstanding work.

I know the satisfaction you feel doing work like this.

I wish I was young or at least my hands and back were to tackle one last great project.

But I will just have to admire work like yours and remember.

Papa Ray

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