Swimming With Labs

by Steve on September 22, 2008

Moose: “You leave me on the dock and expect me to wait while you guys have all the fun out on the lake?”

Me: “Yes.”

Moose: “You weren’t that far out.  I figured I could reach you without breaking a sweat.”

Me: “You don’t sweat.”

Moose: “Stop with the semantics.  What are you so hacked for anyway?”

Me: “See these scars?  You tried to drown me!”

Moose: “You’ve held me afloat before.”

Me: “Not 75 yards off the dock!”

Moose: “Hey, I was tired.”

Me: “Next time bring your own floatation.”



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McKeen September 26, 2008 at 22:13

Sounds like his Momma. Will Moose be doing anymore field trails anytime soon? Guidy is going to breed Diva with a dog out of Magnum Force (One of Narvel Black’s dog) offspring will be 35% Magnum Force. You’ve got a heck of a dog. I’m about to get another lab out of Barracuda Blu. Talk soon…

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