by Steve on October 15, 2008

Planking a canoe is much more rewarding than building the form.  It really starts to take on its final shape.  Running the cedar planks through the planer and sander down to a thickness of 5/32″ was a bit nerve-wracking.

A gallery of the recent progress:



Lots of hammering.  One finger got in the way.  Also, those little tacks are real sharp – reaching into the bag is best done with care.


“Ready…. Flip!”  The rest of the planking will be done with the hull off the form.  Note the ends are still loose with exception of the first two planks.  It would be impossible to lift the hull free of the form with the ends of the planks fastened to the stems.


No splits which is a very good thing.


Even after two weeks on the form the ribs spread several inches and since I didn’t have the decks and thwarts ready it was a mad dash for the pipe clamps before things started making really depressing noises.

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Papa Ray October 18, 2008 at 22:26

Outstanding. Beautiful work and I know it makes you proud.

Papa Ray

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