Progress Report

by Steve on October 30, 2008

Planking is complete except for the final boards on either side which will get trimmed down to 3/8″ below the rail (this will make sense later). Cant ribs (false ribs butted to the stems) are in and I’m working on filling the gaps left at the ends. (Yes, it was supposed to happen that way – bad things happen later if you force planks to go where they don’t want to.)

Cant ribs – the final two don’t actually bend around the stem.

Stern view before installing filler strips.

Bow after installing filler strips.

The combination of 6′ – 8′ planking and changing girth requires some rather tricky fitting.

Same section as above only shot from inside the hull. Had I been a bit more careful in color selection the joints would have blended a bit better.

Interior shot. The temporary brackets are to keep the hull from spreading.

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Papa Ray November 1, 2008 at 0:29

Looking great. Keep at it…

Ain’t it just all the pleasure?

Wish I could still work with my hands. I miss the satisfaction and pride of building and fixing things.

Oh well, God graced me with wonderful grandchildren that I can teach and love.

Their little hands are strong and steady.

Papa Ray

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