by Steve on November 2, 2008

If you were facing heart surgery who would you want to cut you open? The young resident who, by all accounts, should become a great surgeon or would you prefer the old chief of surgery for the task at hand? Think about it long and hard before you hand control of the entire government over to the Democrats for the sake of change. Things will change alright.

T’was not W who got us here. Bubba and his gang led us to the land of free credit for all. Had he stopped once he erased Reagan’s deficit and not dabbled in socialist health-care or mandated loans to those unable to repay them the political and economic landscape would be vastly different today. The MSM is quick to lay blame at the feet of W and credit everywhere else because it plays well for their man. Take the time to look through the smoke and past the mirrors.

Remember if you don’t vote you’ve got no right to bitch about the results. Voting is a right and a responsibility that many people in this world don’t have and one not to be taken lightly.

Take a book or your Blackberry – it’s liable to be a long wait so be prepared.

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