Bernie Made Off with the Money

by Steve on March 13, 2009

This morning he is behind bars, safe from the public for the first time in months.  Madoff plead guilty thereby avoiding a jury trial.  Fine.  Since he freely admitted to stealing billions from investors the Feds should seize and sell off all of his personal assets and divide the proceeds among his investors.  He should still have to face the same people he robbed which would be a security nightmare as I’m sure there are a few who would like to see him dead.  No, death would be too immediate, he would not suffer as he should.  Better that he spend the rest of his days separated from and deprived of the luxuries that he stole.  But isolation is too good for the man.  Put his wife/bookkeeper in the next cell so he has to listen to her bitch meanwhile run a continuous loop on the TV of all his investors telling their stories of ruin.  That would be justice.

His poor wife claims she knew nothing of the fraud committed over the last 15-20 years.  Right.  If she was indeed his bookkeeper I find that very hard to believe.  She must be one hell of a cook if she can make his books look legitimate.  If the troubled woman was in the dark then she has earned the “poster child for dumb blond jokes” title.

Regardless, sell it all, down to the very last shoe.


Kevin March 13, 2009 at 8:44

His guilty plea shields the involvement of others. Hopefully, that is only temporary.

Kath March 13, 2009 at 9:42

Plus, wasn’t there something about he wrote or she wrote checks to themselves when this was all starting to break.

There is no way you can make me believe that there isn’t money still stashed somewhere. Safe deposit box, Swiss bank accounts , etc., etc. I’m sure they’ve all been checked — but it’s out there somewhere. There’s a huge stash somewhere.

And, yes, he needs to just sit in jail — and not some minimum security place either so he can sit around with the guys and play cards and watch TV all day — oh, wait, that’s Florida.

Ok, well, then he should be sent to help poor people do financial planning!

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