Disgraced Financier Bernard Madoff

by Steve on March 15, 2009

The lawyers of disgraced US financier Bernard Madoff have appealed against a judge’s decision to revoke his bail and send him to jail, a US court says.

No, he is Bernie the convicted felon who pleaded guilty as charged. He is a crook of magnificent proportions. And his lawyers want him free about town until his sentencing in June? Plus now our tax dollars will go toward a hearing in appeals court on March 19th. Madness. Do they think he’ll get parole, avoid doing time? Lock him up and give him credit for time served against his pending life sentence. Like it makes a difference. The lawyers just want to keep the clock running on billable hours for as long as possible.

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Kath March 15, 2009 at 14:03

Hey, they want their money, too, you know! And you know billable hours is what it’s ALL about for any attorney. Granted, yes, I’m sure they’ve had to put in a few hours, but — let’s just see how many of them end up filthy rich off this, too.

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