The Yard Boys

by Steve on April 12, 2009


From L to R:

Lady’s Chocolate Moose II JH, HR Sun Valley’s Lil’ Jack Crash JH, and Sir Houlton YDE.  For those familiar with AKC/UKC titles you may be wondering about the black dog.  In the spirit of today’s “everyone goes home with something” culture, we bestowed “Sir” upon him along with YDE: Yard Dog Extrordinaire.  Wouldn’t do for him to get a complex.  Well, a worse one than he already has.


(Click to enlarge!)

For the uninitiated: JH =  AKC Junior Hunter, basically a dog capable of retrieving ducks on land and water, in cover, as singles, and deliver to hand.  HR = UKC Hunter Retriever, a dog that has passed (or capable of it) at the Started level and can make longer more difficult retrieves as doubles, can be handled via hand-signals to a blind retrieve, deliver to hand, and honor (watch unrestrained) while another dog works.  So the Moose has quite a way to go before he passes the old man of the yard.  And then there’s the YDE, undoubtedly a democrat since he does absolutely nothing in return for his room and board.


jon spencer April 12, 2009 at 13:39

I will bet that YDE’s main job is to bring a smile to you.

Kath April 12, 2009 at 16:31

Ohhhh, I just want to throw a tennis ball for each of them!! Big hugs for them. They look very sweet and on their best behavior.

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