Government Motors

by Steve on April 28, 2009

So now the UAW and our government own GM.  Ironic since those two organizations share much of the blame in ruining a once-great company.  Fox in the hen house and all that…

I believe the quote I heard on the tube this morning stated that if this plan doesn’t work GM will be in Chapter 11 come June.  Not much time for such a huge turn-around.  I’m sure that this new ownership will do wonders to restore consumer confidence.  At the rate we’re going all purchases of durable goods will be made through or State of America, take your pick – it all smells like an old enemy to me.

I’ll repeat what I’ve been saying about the auto industry bailout from the begininning: put the money in the hands of the consumers so they can purchase cars.  Fixing supply issues without stimulating demand accomplishes nothing.  Consumers actually walking in and purchasing cars is the only thing that will keep GM and our economy alive.

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Kath April 30, 2009 at 4:52

Exactly. I don’t care who owns it, if I don’t have money to shop there.

You can tell me the whole mall is under new management or ownership, if I don’t have 10 bucks to go buy anything, what difference does it make??

And I see the big deal now in the commercials for the car companies that, oh, we’ll pay your car payment if you lose your job, some will do it for a year, some for X amount of months. But the one I heard last night said “up to $500 a month”.

What the heck (!!??) kind of car can you buy and only have a $500 a month car payment? Not too darn many. So how much encouragement is that?

As usual, it’s an offer — but not one that’s really going to do a lot of people any good.

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