by Steve on May 15, 2009

Several of you have noticed a lack of new material around the shed of late.  Things have been a bit crazy.  Work is slow and increases in effort result in continually diminishing results – an equation that is totally foreign to me.  On the home front I became a grandfather at the ripe old age of 46 years.  Daughter and granddaughter are recovering nicely and hopefully everyone will be home by the end of the weekend.  Just to add to the mix, my local celebrity status as a crazed builder of canoes (Hey, you know they sell canoes at Academy, right?) brought an inquiry to my in-box regarding a declining Old Town 18′ Guide in desperate need of help.  So we’ve been reading, researching, and phoning north to come up with a plan, a decision.

Conroy was right.  Life is a ticket to a magic show.

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Kath May 16, 2009 at 4:04

Wow, congrats on a officially being an old guy!! (Your wife is not, you understand, just you.) You two can now begin the spoiling of a granddaughter. Lots of fun!

Seriously, congratulations to the new grandparents.

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